What is SEO in Birmingham?

The definition of SEO

Be sure that you can find over 100 different definitions of what SEO really is, but somehow the most correct one is that SEO is process which unites all activities which goal is positioning your website as near to the top as possible in organic results of searches of all browsers. It sounds bit complicated, but trust me Birmingham SEO is even more complicated than this definition, because it is one of the toughest term to put on top of Google search list. There is another more beautiful definition that says that SEO is art and science of publishing information in format which will convince browsers that your content met all needs of its users for particular queries.

Why browsers exist and how they work?

Final goal of browsers is to provide the most relevant data to its user in shortest possible time interval. In order to accomplish this complicated job, they need huge resources, both technical and human. Here is how relation user-browser works in only three simple steps:

  1. User inputs query into form for browsing;
  2. Browser do its job in background;
  3. Browser shows us results of search.

One thing that SEO experts do is to learn how browser chooses which websites it is going to show on top of screen. For Birmingham SEO it is especially important because there are so many companies which use Birmingham as keyword, and Birmingham SEO employees have to figure out how to make their website take place on very top of Google search results.

Some interesting facts about importance of SEO

If you still wondering what is the purpose of SEO, let’s check out one interesting fact. According research here is percent of traffic on first page of Google browsers according its position

  1. Position – 32, 5 %
  2. Position – 17, 6 %
  3. Position – 11, 4 %
  4. Position – 8, 1 % and so on…

This shows you how important SEO is, and what is the purpose of SEO experts.